Managing an ice vending machine can be broken down into daily (or as needed) and monthly maintenance procedures.  Some of the daily tasks that should be completed are as follows:

  • Sanitize the ice vending machine per the Ice House America SSOPs
  • Restock bags
  • Collect money
  • Record vend counter
  • Clean bill acceptor
  • Check phone dialer
  • Drain water from air compressor and check air pressure
  • Restock twist ties
  • Check ice bin level
  • Check operation of the refrigeration unit and the icemaker
  • Clean the outside environment
  • Restock miscellaneous supplies

The monthly tasks include all the daily tasks in addition to the following:

  • Clean icemaker
  • Check operation of drain
  • Check all motors and chain tensioning

The ice vending machine owner is also responsible for fielding all customer calls relating to problems with the machine (i.e., not accepting money, not delivering ice).  For problems an owner cannot solve on his/her own, the owner should immediately contact Lowcountry Ice House for assistance.

For an owner’s convenience, a maintenance kit of spare parts, etc. is available for order.  As a dealer, we will also have many spare parts available for our owners.

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