Ice House ice is “the cleanest, greenest, best tasting ice on the market today.”

It’s cleaner because human hands never touch the ice.  It’s greener because ice is made on demand, on site and not trucked around the country. 

All materials that come in contact with our ice during production are made of 100% food grade stainless steel.  Once produced, the ice is stored in a self-contained food grade stainless steel bin.  After the customer deposits his/her money, ice is mechanically dropped into a chute, bagged and delivered to the consumer all in about 8 seconds.  Ice is available in either 16 pounds bagged or 20 pounds bulk.

Ice House America maintains strict SSOPs for sanitation of the Ice House including:

  • Standards for routine cleaning of the ice plant itself
  • Standards for routine cleaning of the icemaker
  • Standards for sanitizing the ice bin
  • Boil water recall procedures in case of a threat to the public water system
  • Quarterly testing of the finished product
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